Furry and Comfy Sissy Collar

You know how your Sissy is becoming a bit stubborn these days. She is showing you some attitude, and you don't appreciate it. Maybe you are too soft on her? Perhaps she needs to have a quick reality check of who is in charge. Whatever the reason is, you need to put an end to this attitude before it gets out of your hands.

The Furry and Comfy Sissy Collar is the perfect solution for your dilemma. This PU leather-made accessory is a beautiful piece your Sub can wear alone or with other sex pieces. Faux leather is a reliable material that can offer the same durability and smoothness as real leather without costing too much. It possesses that luxe shine to catch anyone's attention. Plus, this belt has multiple slots where you can fasten the strap. This 17 inches belt is adjustable, so you won't have to worry about proper fitting.

Not only that, the inner lining of the neckpiece is stuffed with synthetic fur. This innovation will give the wearer ample room to move without compromising comfort. The beautiful facade of this collar includes a second lining of the strap. It has the bold words 'sissy' and 'slut' embossed in sparkling crystal stones. These aspects not only make the accessory more appealing but also mark the Sub as yours. End her restless stubbornness as you label her as your property. The additional D-ring at the central portion of the neckpiece is essential if you plan to chain your lover. You can quickly hook them to any chain you have on hand. Further, this item is has a dainty pink color that is a total stand out.

As with any beautiful thing, you need to clean this piece regularly. You can wipe the jewelry with a damp cloth. Airdry this on a shaded area before storing it in a separate box.

Put an end to your unyielding lover's attitude. Make that purchase today!

Color Pink
Material PU Leather
Faux Fur
Dimension Length: 17 inches (Adjustable)
Width/Diameter: N/A

Furry and Comfy Sissy Collar

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