Gag Training Cute Pacifier Gag
Gag Training Cute Pacifier Gag
Gag Training Cute Pacifier Gag
Gag Training Cute Pacifier Gag
Gag Training Cute Pacifier Gag

Your slave doesn't settle for less. It doesn't satisfy her to be fucked so hard against the wall. She wants to suck on a dick, too, while you destroy her pussy from the back! But how the hell would you do that when you only have one cock?

Well, get her something to suck on while your cock is busy drilling her pussy. Pacify her with the Gag Training Cute Pacifier Gag. For sure, she would no longer ask for more!

This bondage tool features a baby's toy—a pacifier to stuff her filthy mouth and for her to refrain from talking non-sense. It has a guard that holds the nipple to prevent its user from getting choked by the nipple. This stopper has a swinging hook which you can use as its handle. Its teat measures 1.58 by 1.18 inches only. You may think it will not suffice to stop her from talking, but rest assured that this is possible. As you tighten the transparent straps around the head, the mouth guard presses against the lips, barring the mouth from opening. It is up to you how lenient you can be to your slave!

The pacifier is made of high-quality silica gel, much like the ones used for infants. Therefore, you can be sure that your woman is sucking a safe-to-use, hypoallergenic, and BPA-free material. After all, while you want to be a sadist to her, you want the play to be fun and safe, still.

After using the toy, always make sure that she cleans it. Water and dishwashing soap will suffice to wash off the dirt on it. She can also dip it in hot water to sterilize it.

If you want your cock to fuck her back, leave the rest to this pacifier gag. It's available in white and black, so get yours now! We promise discreet shipping of your orders!

Color White, Black
Material Silica Gel
Dimension Length:
Nipple: 1.57 x 1.18 inches (4 x 3 cm)
Nipple Guard: 2.17 x 1.57 inches (5.5 x 4 cm)
Width/Diameter: N/A

Gag Training Cute Pacifier Gag

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