Gagging Toys Punishment Harness
Gagging Toys Punishment Harness
Gagging Toys Punishment Harness
Gagging Toys Punishment Harness
Gagging Toys Punishment Harness

The quest to have a good bondage time with your Sub has long been there. You have prepared your whip, your cuffs; you even got a latex catsuit to embody the kinky persona you want to portray.

However, as you look into your new paraphernalia, you lack that one bondage tool to make her look like a total, helpless Slave. If that's the case, then the Gagging Toys Punishment Harness will complete that sinister look for you!

This is unlike any other mouth gag because it has a white PU leather strap. This clean, very chic look will give your Slave a different vibe, more put-together and fresh to look at. This strap has an intricate pattern with leashes decorating her whole head when worn. Additionally, you have triangle patterned cords at the center of your partner's face. This ornament anchors the silicone ball in the middle. This is where your Sub is supposed to bite into as your session progresses. This ball is made of high-grade silicone, a solid material you can rely on even when the session becomes too rigorous. Moreover, this ball will make it safe for her because it will prevent her from biting into her tongue.

Also, the three O-rings that connect the straps give it an edgy look. More than that, these rings will allow you to add weights or a leash to the mouth gag. That's the beauty of a versatile bondage tool. Your playtime can be transformed from easy to intricate sex exploits in just seconds.

Make sure you discuss safety and maybe a time-out before going full-on. These are restricting tools that will hinder her facial movements. There must be proper body signals for you to know when things get a bit too much for your partner.

Complete that sinister look and have the best bondage play ever! Grab this stunning toy today!

Color White
Material Belt: PU Leather
Ball: Silicone
Dimension Length: Belt: Adjustable
Width/Diameter: 1.89 inches (48mm)

Gagging Toys Punishment Harness

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