Get Hooked Head and Neck Restraint
Get Hooked Head and Neck Restraint
Get Hooked Head and Neck Restraint
Get Hooked Head and Neck Restraint
Get Hooked Head and Neck Restraint

No pain, no gain. If this applies to work-related success, then the more it is for sex. Pain and pleasure are two sides of a coin. When there's pain, the greater sexual bliss there is to expect. Make your slave savor both with Get Hooked Head and Neck Restraint. It's a unique restraint tool that will encourage her to keep her chin up; otherwise, the metal nose hooks will puncture her nose.

This unique restraint tool is a choker with buckle closure. Attached to its back is a strap that goes over the head. At its end are hooks that will go into her nostrils. Does it sound sadistic? You like that, don't you?

If you're a woman reading this, don't think that we've forgotten all about you. You, too, can torture your man because this head and neck restraint is adjustable. Aesthetically pleasing for any sadistic dominant partner, this torture collar is a great posture enhancer. That's because the wearer cannot move her head from side to side or bend her neck to look down.

If you're hooked on getting your cock sucked, then put this leather on her and never take it off until she's given you 100% satisfaction. So don't hesitate. Get her down on her knees, put the choker around her neck, and stick those hooks into her nose!

Made of high-quality synthetic leather and metal, this product is safe to rub on her skin. And the good thing about patronizing synthetic leather is that you are committing yourself to become an animal rights advocate. It's a sex gear that will last knowing that it's made to be durable. Be sure to keep it clean and properly maintained so you can use it for years to come.

It's simply irresistible, so get your hands on it soon. Torture your slave before she gets her reward. Buy now!

Color Black and Silver
Material Synthetic Leather
Dimension Length: Adjustable
Width/Diameter: Adjustable

Get Hooked Head and Neck Restraint

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