Give and Receive Double-Ended Penis Gag
Give and Receive Double-Ended Penis Gag
Give and Receive Double-Ended Penis Gag
Give and Receive Double-Ended Penis Gag
Give and Receive Double-Ended Penis Gag

You've become less demanding lately, making your slave complacent and lazy. It's high time you challenged him with a task that will heighten your pleasure. Yes, please. A hedonist like you has this seemingly endless quest for sexual gratification. Make that quest worth your while with the Give and Receive Double-Ended Penis Gag. It's an oral bondage tool that lets you share the bliss by letting your slave take a bite into the fake penis.

Fasten the strap around his head and make sure the inner dildo is in his mouth. It's almost two inches in length, long enough to fill his mouth. Whether your slave sucks it or not, he won't be able to talk. He will only drool if he does or will choke if he tries to breathe through his mouth. Show no pity because this penis gag intends to humiliate and punish your slave.

Degrading and ruthless, this double-ended penis gag will make you moan while exploiting your partner's mouth to move the other end of the dildo in and out. It's around four inches long, and it will dig or drill your pussy, depending on how fast and robust your slave is. Revel in the delicious goodness of a firm, veiny cock! Since it's available in black, pink, or red, pick what you like or get what he dislikes to degrade him more.

Attached securely to the front panel, the dildo will stay in place. Riveted not only for durability but also for style, this panel will prevent his lips from touching you. The PU leather strap comes with a buckle with a lockable tongue. You have the option to put a padlock, and when you do, it leaves your partner no choice but to wait for sweet release. Show no mercy, but make sure everything you do is consensual. Since the gag will render your slave speechless, make sure to set some ground rules and come up with a non-verbal cue. Your slave can conveniently use this when things become too much for him to handle. During emergency cases, safety comes first before sexual gratification.

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Color Dildo: Black, Pink, Red
Straps: Black
Material Dildo: Rubber
Strap: PU Leather
Dimension Length:
Inner Dildo: 1.97 inches (5 cm)
Outer Dildo: 3.94 inches (10 cm)
Width/Diameter: NA

Give and Receive Double-Ended Penis Gag

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