Golden O Ring Choker
Golden O Ring Choker
Golden O Ring Choker
Golden O Ring Choker
Golden O Ring Choker
Golden O Ring Choker

When you search for the most famous queen in world history on the web, you will find Cleopatra as the top-most answer. It’s easy to tell why given her exotic beauty and irresistible charm. Whatever happened to her and Mark Anthony tells us one thing: a powerful woman like her still submits.

Have you got a dominatrix you wish to switch places with you in a BDSM play? Why not make a kinky twist to Cleopatra and Mark Anthony’s story? Make her wear a sultry Egyptian costume and complete her look with this Golden O Ring Choker.

This choker comes in black and gold tinges commonly seen on Egyptian historical things. It is as if it’s made especially for the queen. Made of premium faux leather, you know you are investing your money on a worthy sex tool. Some may think it is not essential to BDSM plays. But without it, everything looks dull and lacking. Take its big ring at the center part that lets you attach a leash for pet play as an example. Without it, there would be no other accessory that can enhance and highlight your partner’s overall facade. You can also use it together with your other BDSM items. Since its color matches well with a broad array of intimate products to choose from, you won’t have any problem with it. It has an adjustable button snap, allowing you to find the right setting that matches your partner’s neck circumference. It’s skin-friendly and sturdy, too. You’ll see that in its meticulous stitching and perfect placement of parts.

When not in use, make sure you put it inside a jewelry pouch or box. You can wipe its surface with q-tips or a soft cloth to keep it clean all the time. Do not soak it in water as doing so may cause deterioration in its surface quality.

Play the Cleopatra and Mark Antony story today! Add a kinky vibe to it when you put this Golden O Ring Choker on your submissive. Make a purchase now!

Color Gold, Black
Material Faux Leather
Dimension Length:
Total: 16.93 inches (43 cm)
Adjustable Size: 10.63 - 16.54 inches (27 - 42 cm)
Choker: 0.79 inch (2 cm)
Ring: 1.57 inches (4 cm)

Golden O Ring Choker

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