Got Owned Sexy Body Chain
Got Owned Sexy Body Chain

Got a lot of hunger for sex? You must willingly submit yourself to your man so he can quench your insatiable thirst for blissful orgasms. Be his slave, and the best way to surrender your body is by wearing the Got Owned Sexy Body Chain. There's no better way of saying "I'm all yours!" than wearing this metal chain.

With this metal chain adorning your upper body, you'll turn into an enchanting seductress who's hard to resist. Classic and elegant, this accessory features chunky curb chains that go around the neck and below the breasts.

Wear the necklace first, then let the chain of loops settle between your breasts. The third loop holds two curb chains that you need to wrap around above your waistline. Secure it in place by letting your partner lock the chain behind your back.

Put it over your bare skin or over your lingerie. Adorn your nakedness to look like a sex goddess. The body chain promises to highlight your gorgeous curves and your round, firm breasts. You can look irresistible even without trying! The first loop can be an attachment point for other bondage accessories like a leash. While you think it makes you sexy behind closed doors, you can don your pretty little black dress and put this over it. In fact, you can use it as an accessory to elevate your style and look more voguish.

Each link and loop of the chain is made of stainless steel. Smoothed to perfection, it doesn't have sharp edges that will cause chafing. Polished to look as shiny as a mirror, this body accessory will showcase your sexiness in ways you've never imagined. Dance as a seductress would and watch him drool with pure lust and sexual desire.

It's available in a range of sizes, so you'll definitely get one that will fit you perfectly. Buy now!

Color Silver
Material Stainless Steel
Dimension Sizes: M, L, XL, XXL, XXL (Refer to the size chart-Refer to the size chart below for the measurements)

Got Owned Sexy Body Chain

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