Goth Fantasy Body Cage Harness
Goth Fantasy Body Cage Harness
Goth Fantasy Body Cage Harness

The style you like is outlandish. Nothing close to ordinary; you want to stand out all the time. Statement pieces, crystal pieces of jewelry, striking hats, a time for every fashion moment, you are all about that memorable ensemble.

In bed, you are a naughty Dom who gets things done. Being a feisty one, you have to look the part. After all, who wants a Mistress who looks like a Slave? Of course, you have to prepare for all your bedroom adventures. The Goth Fantasy Body Cage Harness is a great body cage harness that will make a good impression.

This is made of high-grade spandex, a reliable material that will accommodate all your naughty plans. The intricate ropes that adorn your body when you wear this are provoking, just like how you want it. The thin straps that will embrace your neck down to your chest have both aesthetics and function for your Dom practices. Each thong has a small O-ring at the center. Moreover, the fasteners at the back will ensure this beauty won't fall off even during rigid movements.

This series of straps extend up to the waistline of the lingerie. Cinching your abdomen, you will look like a Bond girl as you strut your stuff! Additionally, this elaborate strapping is also present on the lower torso. Each refined curve of the band gives a dazzling illusion. Also, a single strap runs down to the knees where more spandex lacing decorates the lower body.

Choose the red or lake blue variant if you like a pop of color for your sexy sessions. The black on is your best bet if you want to don a more sinister and sleek look.

With your big personality, your Slave expects a lot. Give him that and more. You wearing this lovely lingerie will show him who is in charge! Buy this today!

Color Black, Lake Blue, Red
Material Spandex
Dimension Length: Adjustable

Neck: 11.81 inches-19.68 inches (30cm-50cm)
Bust: 26.77 inches-47.244 inches (68cm-120cm)
Under Bust: 27.56 inches- 45.27 inches (70cm-115cm)
Waist: 24.01 inches - 37.01 inches (61cm-94cm)
Hip: 26.77 inches - 47.24 inches (68cm-120cm)

Goth Fantasy Body Cage Harness

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