Gothic Cross Collar for People
Gothic Cross Collar for People

Are you a sinner or a saint? Is it wrong to fantasize about doing the deed with a nun? You have been thinking about it for a while. Playing with a saintly woman garbed in a religious habit sounds erotic! The thought of it makes you mad with lust!

Sin or not, you have decided to buy your partner the needed costume, and you want the slutty version. Complete the look with the Gothic Cross Collar for People. The collar features an intricately made crucifix for its pendant, with a red crystal in its center. The bail, which holds the crucifix to the collar, is artistically crafted, too.

The cross is around two inches in length and has a width of more than one inch. Given this size, it is hard to ignore it. This handcrafted cross is truly a masterpiece.

The strap to be wrapped around the neck is velvet, a soft, luxurious fabric that sensually touches the skin. Each end of the velvet strap is metal, which will prevent the tips from unraveling. These metal bits also hold the extension chain and the lobster claw clasp.

With the extension chain, it’s so easy to adjust. Find the perfect fit before securing the clasp. The collar, along with the charm, is jet black; hence, it will make a beautiful contrast with your partner’s flawless, graceful neck.

Of course, this gothic collar is versatile. Besides being a fetish collar, your partner can wear it with strapless or v-neck party dresses and tops. She can also hang out with friends without any suspicious eyes laid upon her.

Dark and mysterious, this accessory will turn heads. When it is treated with care, your partner can use it many times. Ensure she keeps it in a box or a container to prevent dust accumulation.

Make her look elegant with black. Hurry and buy now!

Color Black
Material Zinc Alloy
Dimension Length: 1.97 inches (50 mm)
Width: 1.34 inches (34 mm)

Gothic Cross Collar for People

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