Shackled Slave Handcuff Charm Bracelet
Shackled Slave Handcuff Charm Bracelet

Nothing is more exciting than doing dirty things out in the open without other people knowing it. Unfortunately, kinky stuff hardly goes unnoticed, especially since most of the BDSM accessories that you own scream promiscuity. After all, you can’t have your Sub walk outside in actual chains and cuffs, can you? If you need to tone your bondage game a little, you need to have the Shackled Slave Handcuff Charm Bracelet and make your Sub wear it.

This is the closest your Sub can get to donning handcuffs without causing public alarm. This bracelet is made of metal alloy, so its durability is guaranteed. Its design is breathtaking as well as its grungy silver color. Instead of the usual chains, this accessory has miniature handcuffs linked to each other. The word “freedom” is etched in bold letters on each cuff. A lobster clasp fastens the ends of the bracelet so your Sub can wear it securely. The adjustable band provides ample allowance to deliver a tailored fit on your partner’s wrist.

Nothing symbolizes your union better than this bracelet. Not only does it serve as a proclamation of your kinky love affair, but it also functions as a reminder for your Sub to behave on days when you are away. This will also ward off other people who are lusting over your partner. It’s safe to say that whatever’s yours will stay yours.

Like all metal alloy jewelry, this bracelet only requires minimum upkeep. Your Sub can wear it 24/7, and it can be easily cleaned using a solution of warm water and soap. Use a soft-bristled brush in scrubbing the surface, and rinse it thoroughly afterward. Keep it in sealed storage to avoid tarnishing.

Profess your love for bondage, but make sure it only stays between you and your lover. Buy the Shackled Slave Handcuff Charm Bracelet and get her tied.

Color Silver
Material Alloy
Dimension Length: 9.06 inches (23 cm)
Width/Diameter: N/A
Weight: N/A

Shackled Slave Handcuff Charm Bracelet

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