Midair Bliss Portable Hanging Sex Chair
Midair Bliss Portable Hanging Sex Chair
Midair Bliss Portable Hanging Sex Chair
Midair Bliss Portable Hanging Sex Chair
Midair Bliss Portable Hanging Sex Chair

Do you find yourself doing a happy dance whenever you discover a buy-one-get-one-free deal or multi-functioning product for a price of one? You are not alone! Of course, who wouldn’t feel glad to save even a tiny amount? It’s what you call being practical.

And if you think those things don’t work the same with getting new sex tools, the Midair Bliss Portable Hanging Sex Chair will prove you wrong!

A hanging aesthetic chair by day, and deep humping support by night, this is what this sex chair is all about. Who would have thought that such a finely-crafted and austere seat holds a lot of kinky memories? No one would ever think about it as a sex tool at all! And that means you and your partner’s naughty secret will forever remain unraveled.

There are plenty of sex positions you can try using this chair. Once you and your partner get the hang of it, take that as a cue to do wilder and more mind-blowing stances.

This chair is a macrame hammock style. Nestle on it cozily as it is made of soft braided cotton ropes. Stylish and sturdy, you’ll fall in love with its versatility.

The package includes solid rings that you can use to hang the chair. You can loop them directly on hooks or use metal coil springs for balance. Love to be adventurous in bed? You can place them wherever you like to explore. Be it in the garden, deck, or patio, this chair got you covered! It’s portable and easy to dangle. You can also hang it on a standing frame, provided, of course, that it is high and suitable enough for your man’s height.

Make every sexy sesh fun and exciting! Come on; don’t let this product run out of stock before getting yours. Add it to your cart today!

Color Black, White
Material Braided Cotton
Dimension Length: 31.5 inches
Height: 47.2 inches
Width/Diameter: 23.6 inches
Maximum load bearing capacity: 265 lbs.

Midair Bliss Portable Hanging Sex Chair

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