Sexy Contortionist Hanging Sex Swing
Sexy Contortionist Hanging Sex Swing
Sexy Contortionist Hanging Sex Swing

You and your wife have been married for less than a decade. For that reason, you’ve tried many naughty things together to keep the fire burning throughout those years. You’ve done restraints, CBT, sensory play—you name it! You’ve done them all. But these weren’t the only stuff you did as a couple because you even tried and experimented with different erotic positions, especially the toughest ones. But as you get older and your bones get weaker, it’s pretty tough to do those things now. Thus, you always end up doing the usual sex stances on your bed, which—in your opinion—is too vanilla for your taste.

Let this Sexy Contortionist Hanging swing bring back your naughty and steamy nights! This swing will make you and your partner feel young again as it will let you do the things you would do when you were just a young kinky couple trying to experiment and explore the world of sex.

This kinky hardware features a pair of nylon straps where four thick and laced cuffs are attached. The nylon straps have buckles, which let you adjust the sling’s length and fit. Each strap also has a capped anchor that allows you to hang it on the door. Meanwhile, the laced hand and leg cuffs add a feminine touch to the tool, making your slave more alluring while she’s suspended up in the air. Furthermore, they are padded, making them comfortable to wear around the wrists and the thighs. With these remarkable features, you can bang your lover as long as you want and in any position you desire! Just make sure, though, that your bedroom door is strong enough to hold her weight. You don’t want to injure your partner, do you? Exactly!

Relieve those naughty and fun nights with your other half with this Sexy Contortionist Hanging swing. Buy one now!

Color Cuffs: Red
Straps: Black
Material Lace
Dimension Length: Adjustable
Width/Diameter: N/A
Maximum load bearing capacity: N/A

Sexy Contortionist Hanging Sex Swing

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