Hardcore Stainless Metal Tongue Gag
Hardcore Stainless Metal Tongue Gag
Hardcore Stainless Metal Tongue Gag
Hardcore Stainless Metal Tongue Gag

You love every inch of your partner's body. Not a single moment did she fail to turn you on when she tries to tease you. But when you get down and dirty with her, this is the time when you wish she's not a moaner. It's not that you don't like hearing her moaning whenever you hit her sweet spots. It's just that she's too loud! She shrieks that everyone can overhear her when she reaches the climax.

Keep your intimate moments private with this Hardcore Stainless Metal Tongue Gag. It will keep her mouth full and busy, preventing her from moaning loud!

The erotic gear features a leather strap with two metallic O-rings on both ends and a tongue flail, which is also made of metal. The leather straps provide a comfortable fit, thanks to its adjustable feature. They have holes and a buckle, allowing you to adjust the head circumference. Additionally, they secure the gag in the mouth and around the head, preventing it from falling off, even when she tries to spit it out.

Meanwhile, the two metallic rings provide added support, holding the tongue flail in place. And speaking of the tongue flail, it has an anchor-shaped base where the O-rings are attached, and of course, a flat, tongue-shaped body. Not only does it cover the mouth, but it also deprives your passive girl of speaking as it holds her tongue down. All she can do is say "Ahhh"—a sound that's pleasing to your ears.

All the materials used in this bondage gear are safe, which means you can use it internally and externally. It's also built to last as this tool is highly durable. Nonetheless, you still have to give it proper care and maintenance to keep its good-as-new condition.

Lower your partner's moans down with this Hardcore Stainless Metal Tongue Gag. Grab one now!

Color Strap: Black
Gag: Silver
Material Strap: PU Leather
Gag: Stainless Steel
Dimension Length: Adjustable
Width/Diameter: N/A

Hardcore Stainless Metal Tongue Gag

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