Heart-Shaped Leash Training Collar
Heart-Shaped Leash Training Collar
Heart-Shaped Leash Training Collar

Not all pet-play collars look obtrusive. Some look cute and stylish; they blend well in the vanilla world. If that's the kind of bondage choker you're looking for, your search is finally over. The Heart-Shaped Leash Training Collar is a collar-and-leash set that you can rock in public.

The collar features leather straps with a belt-like buckle and punched holes and accented with a metal chain and a heart-shaped ring. Wear this cute choker in public, and no one would think what it's made for.

But when the sun sets, this hypnotic collar will turn into a bondage choker. The heart at the center doesn't only serve as a pendant, for you can attach the leash that comes with it. Like the collar, it's also made of leather and metal. The leather part serves as a handle, providing comfort for your owner's hand no matter how tight he holds it. Meanwhile, the metal part is the chain. It allows your master to drag you or tie you up wherever and whenever he wants.

Once your dom does any of those things to you, prepare yourself for some intense lovemaking or training. If you're a good pet, your top will reward you with hot sex. But if you're disobedient, not only will your daddy dom humiliate you, he will also give you stern discipline. He'll tighten the collar to choke you up or beat your body with a leash, a whip, or any impact toy he has. If he's not contented with your punishment, he might also clamp your tits and clit or drip a candle all over your body. Just be sure to utter the safeword to make him stop if you want a time out.

Get a collar that you can don in public and your love dungeon. Grab this Heart-Shaped Leash Training Collar now!

Color Black, White, Pink
Material PU Leather
Dimension Length: Adjustable
Width/Diameter: N/A

Heart-Shaped Leash Training Collar

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