Heavy Duty Metal Slave Shackles
Heavy Duty Metal Slave Shackles
Heavy Duty Metal Slave Shackles
Heavy Duty Metal Slave Shackles
Heavy Duty Metal Slave Shackles

You've always wanted to tame your unruly sub. He has attitude these days and, you feel like you need to give him a reality check about who is in charge.

Keep him on his lane with the Heavy Duty Metal Slave Shackles. It is a solid restraint that will give him some gentle (or rough) domestication. Additionally, it will keep him secure and let you do whatever position you have in mind.

This pair of .23 inch-thick stainless-steel bondage cuffs is a heavy accessory. This material is highly resistant and durable. Play hard and do it all night long—this restraint device can take it all!

Perfect for beginners and seasoned players alike, this is an easy-to-use hand lock. This restrictive equipment has two links where you are going to lock the wearer's wrist. Attached to the massive rings are steel chains. These metallic cords have holes where you can place the additional weight in. Any added pressure means more pleasure trips for your submissive partner!

This bondage device includes a key to open the cuff after playing. You won't have to deal with dangling padlocks because it has a seamless locking system. Do simple bondage ties to complicated Shibari technique! Skip the intricate roping method. With these shackles, it's going to be sweet and easy.

Make sure you discuss safety measures before doing the deed. Bondage play can get too rough. It's better to get your safe word or gesture in place.

Moreover, avoid nasty bacteria build-up by regularly cleaning this with your preferred disinfectant. Make sure you wipe this dry with a clean cloth before storing it away in a separate container.

You can use this in the hands or legs; a good steel cuff like this one is versatile, too. Your sub better behave now! Get this today.

Color Silver
Material Stainless Steel
Dimension Length: 1.57 inches (4cm)
73mm - 2.87 inches
80mm - 3.15 inches
Thickness - 0.23 inch

Heavy Duty Metal Slave Shackles

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