High-End Cowbell Collar
High-End Cowbell Collar
High-End Cowbell Collar
High-End Cowbell Collar
High-End Cowbell Collar
High-End Cowbell Collar
High-End Cowbell Collar

You have been using the same collar on your slave for ages, in case you haven't noticed. Not only does it look old-fashioned, but its leather is showing signs of wear and tear.

Your partner doesn’t look hot with it anymore. You don’t want your slave to look shabby, do you? So why not buy her a new one? And when you do, make sure it’s as elegant as the Hing-End Cowbell Collar. It’s a set comprising a high-quality collar and a top-of-the-line leash.

The neckpiece is made of synthetic leather, so good in quality that you may think it’s genuine. Exquisitely crafted, this collar will boost your slave's sex appeal and style. She will look stunning wearing this flawless neckband. Its red lining is smooth, allowing comfortable prolonged use.

Another main attraction of this product is its detachable cowbell. When your slave moves, this spherical bell will chime and jingle sweetly. This classic black bell also makes a stylish pendant.

Equipped with a belt-type buckle, it is quick and easy to wear and adjust. Find the perfect fit before you fasten the buckle!

On the front is a D-ring firmly attached to the band with rivets. The bell gracefully dangles from here. But wait, make it more seductive. Anchor the leash to this ring so you can lead her to your erotic lair!

The chain is made of high-grade hardware. Each curb link is solid and will not break during rigorous play. At the other end of the chain is the handle, where you loop your hand for a better grip.

Look closely at its exquisite details. Everything about it is meticulously done. So wrap it around her neck, and tell her not to hesitate to rock it in the vanilla world. A little black dress will look gorgeous when matched with this elegant piece. Buy now!

Color Black with Red and Gold
Material Synthetic Leather
Dimension Length:
Collar: 16.93 inches (43 cm)
Chain: 47.24 inches (120 cm)(
Width/Diameter: Collar: 0.71 inches (1.8 cm)

High-End Cowbell Collar

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