High Intensity Nipple Electrodes
High Intensity Nipple Electrodes
High Intensity Nipple Electrodes
High Intensity Nipple Electrodes
High Intensity Nipple Electrodes
High Intensity Nipple Electrodes

It’s been three months since your beau went away because of his work. Since then, you have done everything online. From your dates to hanky-panky activities, everything is done virtually. But deep inside, you know that having sex on chats and video calls isn’t enough. You want him by your side right there, right now. However, it’s impossible because he lives on the opposite side of the country.

Don’t worry; Cum Swing With Me has a solution for you. Introducing—the High Intensity Nipple Electrodes! This flirting device will suck your tits and send waves of pleasure at the same time.

The tool features a pair of nipple suckers with a power box and a cable. The suction cups draw the air out of your tits, creating a vacuum to send nerve-nourishing blood there. As a result, these suckers awaken the senses of your boobs, making them highly sensitive to every caress.

But that is not the only thing this tool can do. As mentioned earlier, it comes with a powerbox and a cable. This power unit sends waves of pleasure for a mind-blowing nipple action. It provides different intensities and patterns that you will surely love. You only have to pick the strength you want and enjoy the sensation until you reach nipplegasm. And oh, don’t forget to put a AAA battery for non-stop pleasure.

Made of premium and non-toxic materials, these kinky toys are safe for body use. They’re hypoallergenic, which means those dealing with severe allergies and sensitive skin can still use them. But no matter how safe to use these tools are, you have to clean them before and after each use to keep them bacteria-free and in good shape.

Satisfy your carnal desires—even when your babe is not at home. Grab the High Intensity Nipple Electrodes now!

Color Nipple Suckers: Blue
Power Host: Black
Material ABS
Dimension Length:
Nipple Suckers - 1.57 inches (4 cm)
Nipple Suckers
Width - 0.98 inch (2.5 cm)
Diameter - 2.28 inches (5.8 cm)
Weight: N/A

High Intensity Nipple Electrodes

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