Hot Phallic Plug Gag
Hot Phallic Plug Gag
Hot Phallic Plug Gag
Hot Phallic Plug Gag
Hot Phallic Plug Gag
Hot Phallic Plug Gag

Want to practice your oral skills? Perhaps you want to take your bondage play a step further? Whatever you want to do, this Hot Phallic Plug Gag is the perfect choice for you!

The tool features leather straps with intricate patterns that add beauty to this oh-so erotic gear. It has holes on one band and a buckle on the other to secure it around your partner's head. Additionally, it provides a snug fit, allowing you to change the size base on your lover's head circumference.

But let's not forget about the primary purpose of this tool. As the name implies, it has a lifelike phallus that serves as a gag. Stuff your slave's mouth with this tool, and rest assured that your docile lover won't be able to utter a word! All your sub can do is moan with pure delight.

At the center of this gear is where the platform of the dong lies. This base holds the gag in place while the straps are around your partner's head. That way, it won't choke your slave up if accidents happen in the middle of the play.

Ready to gag your partner? There are a few things you need to do before using this on your lover. First off, make sure that your significant other is up for it. Ask for your partner's permission since not everyone is willing to be gagged while having sex. Also, be sure to discuss what the rules and limitations are. Lastly, establish the signals your partner will do during the play. That way, you'll know if the act is too much for your slave.

Once you've sorted everything out, then there's no reason not to stifle your slave! Shove the small yet mighty phallus inside your partner's mouth and buckle the straps up. Voila! Your partner is all yours—unable to say no to you, even if they want to. For added thrills and pleasure, pair it with your favorite kinky tools and torment your naughty slave. Just watch out for the signals, so you'll know if it's time to stop!

So what's stopping you from getting this product? Get this Hot Phallic Plug Gag before the supplies run out!

Color Strap: Red
Gag: Black
Material Strap: PU Leather
Gag: Silicone
Dimension Length:
Full Length - 24.02 inches
Adjustable Range - 15.75-22.44 inches
Width/Diameter: N/A

Hot Phallic Plug Gag

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