Hottie Slave Pink Furry Handcuffs

You have a hot slave, and you don't want to ruin her soft and supple skin. She may be your sub, but you enjoy looking after her even while you're violating her sexually. Restrict her lovely arms with care and comfort using these Hottie Slave Pink Furry Handcuffs.

She's a willing passive partner, and your kinks complement each other. She enjoys being helpless, and you take pleasure in being in control. This relationship only calls for special restraints such as Hottie Slave Pink Furry Handcuffs. This pair of handcuffs may look pretty, but they have reliable quality as well. The broad straps on the exterior are pink, and the belt-like top layer is black. The contrasting colors will look beautiful and will make her wrists pop. These bands are synthetic leather, so they look classy but still cruelty-free. They have silver-tone studs and rings that make them look more elegant. And to make sure that they will not cut or lash your little girl's skin, it has a plush lining that will cushion the pressure around her wrist.

Keeping her hands close to each other using these cuffs is easy. Once the cuffs are locked in place, get the metal chain and attach the clasps to each ring. Cuff him to the bedpost and give her the punishment she deserves. These cuffs are versatile, so you can connect them to your bed restraints or perhaps a metal bar. If you allow it, your slave can even wear them like a stylish bracelet.

An effective bondage play requires a few things, and that includes the submissive partner's consent. You should discuss the details of your bondage play, as well as the boundaries of your routines. Having a safe word is also essential to give your sub a sense of security.

Turn your little girl into the prettiest and hottest slave. Get these handcuffs today!

Color Pink and Black
Material Synthetic Leather
Dimension Length: Adjustable
Width/Diameter: N/A

Hottie Slave Pink Furry Handcuffs

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