Hush Love Over the Mouth Gag
Hush Love Over the Mouth Gag
Hush Love Over the Mouth Gag
Hush Love Over the Mouth Gag
Hush Love Over the Mouth Gag

Slow dancin' in the moonlight, smelling her wet hair as your hand slide over her shoulder. She is ready for you, she says she wants this, and you have been waiting forever to take this chance with her.

Take out the Hush Love Over the Mouth Gag and begin the erotic dance of dominance. Perfect for long weekends away from the hustle and bustle of work, this item is lightweight. It's made of high-grade PU leather, a reliable material that has a smooth surface. You don't want to scar your partner's pretty face while doing the deed! Moreover, the adjustable straps will allow you to find the perfect fit for her. A snug mouth gag is essential so that she can take the intense humping you will be doing.

This is not your regular gag. It has a PU leather flap that will prevent your Little miss from saying anything during the session. Light and nonirritating, this gear will let the wearer focus on her role as a good sub. This gag is black but has striking red stitching that runs on the lining. This unique detail keeps this item modern yet with a sultry twist.

Keep her quiet all through your sessions, and hear her whimper in delight. Inside this leather covering is a ball where she can bite onto. Also, this ball will make sure she avoids biting her tongue during the passionate encounter.

As you are hindering her ability to say anything, make sure she can signal you when she wants a time-out. BDSM sessions can become rough. A thorough discussion of what to expect during this session is essential to keep the encounter safe.

Give time to clean this piece after each session. Do that by wiping this thoroughly with a soapy solution. Also, avoid exposing this to extreme heat and moisture.

Make each moment count. Buy this today!

Color Black
Material PU Leather
Dimension Length:
Belt - Adjustable
Ball - 1.73 inches (4.4cm)

Hush Love Over the Mouth Gag

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