Intensified Estim Butt Plug Kit
Intensified Estim Butt Plug Kit

You’re the type of person who likes to elevate everything for extraordinary results. After all, yogurt mixed with various fresh fruits tastes better than plain yogurt. 

When it comes to sex toys, everything should have a twist. Otherwise, you will never enjoy them as much as you want. Whether you play with a partner or do it solo, you want the moment to be worth relishing. And if it’s for your bottom, it has to be mind-blowing. We got you. Here’s the Intensified Estim Butt Plug Kit for electrifying backdoor fun!

The set comes with a butt plug, a control host, and a cable. The ass expander is more than 3 inches long and has a maximum width of an inch. Tapered at the tip, it eases insertion through the tight hole. It contains an electroshock wave conductor, which delivers electrifying sensations directly to your bottom. It also has a safety feature—a stopper—to ensure it is easy to retrieve.

Take control of your anal happiness because the host will satisfy your whim. You can easily set the mode and intensity of pulses using this wired controller. Refer to the LED display panel to check the current status of settings, then push the buttons to intensify or weaken e-stim. Use the time button to set up the duration of your butt training.

If you are a first-timer, it’s advisable to start with subtle pulses, then work your way up once you have gained experience. You don’t want to be literally shocked and get hurt at the very start. Rest assured, however, that the device is safe to use as long as the necessary precautions are observed.

If you are having a baby, epileptic, or have a heart condition or a pacemaker, you are prohibited from using this kit. And when you are fit to use, take off all metal accessories to avoid any injuries. Remember these things, and you will have fun. So hurry and buy now!

Color/Type White with Silver
Material TPE
Dimension Length:
Butt Plug - 3.39 inches
Butt Plug (Front) - 0.87 inch
Butt Plug (Side) - 1.02 inches

Intensified Estim Butt Plug Kit

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