Iridescent Bell Collar for Humans
Iridescent Bell Collar for Humans
Iridescent Bell Collar for Humans
Iridescent Bell Collar for Humans

It's not just cows, cats, and dogs that have bells on their necks. This trinket can also make a nice deck on your submissive's neck. So why not reward your obedient partner with the Iridescent Bell Collar for Humans?

Let your partner put this on during your intimate play so that when you do the doggy, the bell will chime melodiously. And as you ride your bottom, you can grab the collar and try to use it for breathplay. Tighten your grab to choke your partner during the ride. Doing so will elevate the thrill during the climb to the peak.

The sheeny collar comes in yellow, pink, white, and blue. Each is unique, but you get the same style and quality. The front surface of the PU leather band is with a shimmery, iridescent coating, making it look perfect for a slave, a pet, or a submissive.

On the front is a spherical bell made of shiny, silvery metal. It's firmly attached to the collar with rivets. Wrap the iridescent band around your partner's neck, and find the perfect fit. It's fully adjustable as it comes with snap buttons as a fastener.

Make your slave put this on even when they go about their day. It's discreet, and it will make a fashionable accessory. The chiming pendant will surely catch attention and amusement, but it won't raise eyebrows. Only fellow BDSM enthusiasts will know what it means. Punk or casual, this neckband will make your partner rock.

All its metal hardware is free from burrs; hence, the wearer won't feel any discomfort while it's wrapped around their delicate neck. The PU leather is also smooth, making prolonged wear comfortable.

When darkness falls, it's time to play! Tell your collared partner to run and hide because you'll be chasing the jingling bell. It will be fun! Buy now!

Color Yellow, White, Pink, Blue
Material PU Leather
Dimension Length: 12.60-17.32 inches (32-44 cm)
Width/Diameter: 0.59 inch (1.5 cm)

Iridescent Bell Collar for Humans

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