Iridescent Discreet Slave Collar
Iridescent Discreet Slave Collar
Iridescent Discreet Slave Collar
Iridescent Discreet Slave Collar

You've been broken hearted by your past Doms. Because of that, you want to give yourself a break from all the heartaches. You want to focus on yourself and give yourself some love. But before you do that, make sure that you send the right message to slave seekers. Tell them that you're not ready to be devoted to someone else but yourself and risk your heart to be broken once again. And what better way to say these things than by wearing this Iridescent Discreet Slave Collar? It's a perfect way to show the kink community that you're a sub who's not ready to mingle just yet.

This bondage collar features a dazzling neckband made of synthetic leather. Hence, this kinky accessory is safe for those with sensitive skin. It's also perfect for kinksters—whether you're single or taken—with leather fetish but care for the animals. Since the leather material used is synthetic, rest assured that no innocent creature was harmed or killed while making this product.

At the center of this choker lies a dangling heart-shaped pendant. This lavaliere isn't just a mere decor of the accessory. It implies self-love because no one will love you purely but yourself. However, this could also mean self-ownership. Once a Dom sees this around your neck, he (or she) won't approach you because of what it symbolizes.

Ready to collar yourself? Well, it's easy! Light some candles to set the ambiance. Look at yourself in the mirror, wrap the collar around your neck, and snap the buttons to secure it in place. Admire your beauty and tell yourself that you will love and care for yourself because you deserve it. Then, wink at your reflection because you look damn hot in that choker.

Show yourself some love with this Iridescent Discreet Slave Collar. It's available in blue, white, pink, and yellow. Pick one today and add it to your cart!

Color Blue, White, Pink, Yellow
Material Synthetic Leather
Dimension Length: 12.6 – 17.32 inches (Adjustable)
Width/Diameter: N/A

Iridescent Discreet Slave Collar

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