Iridescent Leash and Collar Set
Iridescent Leash and Collar Set
Iridescent Leash and Collar Set
Iridescent Leash and Collar Set

The pack of wolves hunted you for hours. You were scared for your life, but never had you felt more thrilled. An alpha wolf leaped right in front of you, so you gathered all your strength to pounce the beast. You felt stronger and more powerful than ever. But before you could end its life, reality beckoned you. It was all a dream, and it felt empowering.

The scene kept playing in your head. Then, you realized you were aroused by the thought of being in control. You now fantasize about taming a beast. Make it all happen with the Iridescent Leash and Collar Set. Tame your wild and fierce partner with this bondage set for that thrilling experience.

The collar and the loop are made of the same material—PU leather. It features sheeny, shimmery, iridescent coating in yellow, white, blue, and pink.

It's a double-layered choker, with the inner layer being wider. Riveted with spikes, the collar looks gothic and punk. On its front are two D-rings to which the leash is attached. Wrap it around your partner's neck and fasten the buckle. Find the perfect fit before inserting the buckle tongue into a hole. It's completely adjustable; hence, it will girth your pet's neck snugly.

Attach more BDSM accessories to the D-rings found on the back of the collar. Perhaps, a chained pair of handcuffs if you want those hands to stay put behind her back.

The leash is composed of a sturdy metal chain for control and a loop for ease of handling. With a strong swivel snap attached to the rings, you can be rough and wild because it won't slip off.

A pair of wolf ears and a tail are not enough without this collar and leash set. So better hurry and grab yours before it's too late!

Color White, Blue, Pink, Yellow
Material PU Leather
Dimension Circumference: 12.60-17.32 inches (32-44 cm)
Width/Diameter: NA

Iridescent Leash and Collar Set

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