Iridescent Slave Day Collar
Iridescent Slave Day Collar
Iridescent Slave Day Collar
Iridescent Slave Day Collar

Although your slave appreciates the chunky curb chain around her neck, you don’t want her roaming the streets of the vanilla world. The steel chain should be private. But how can you give her the mark of a slave if she takes it off?

The answer is the Iridescent Slave Day Collar. It’s a great substitute if you want your partner to mingle with the vanilla crowd without being judged. This day collar is a trendy piece, which literally anyone can wear. And while it does not cause any unwanted attention and raised eyebrows, this neck accessory will remind your slave of who they are to you.

The strap is PU leather, whose surface is with an iridescent coating. Choose from white, blue, pink, and yellow variants. You’ll love to watch the collar shimmer whichever color you choose.

The ends of the strap feature sturdy metal D-rings attached firmly with rivets. These rings are fastened together by a stunning heart-shaped padlock. Not only does this adorable heart secure the neckpiece around your partner’s neck, but it also adds style and sense to it. With a classic locking piece, your slave won’t hesitate to wear the collar when they’re out and about.

All the metal hardware is smoothed to perfection for comfort. The PU leather is, likewise, smooth to the touch. It’s truly a piece for prolonged wear.

When you’re together in private, you can replace the padlock with a leash. This is why it's perfect not only for bondage play but also for pet play.

Wrap the sheeny collar on your partner's neck with delight, knowing that your slave will always be reminded of their role constantly. Whether they choose to be punky or casual, this neckpiece will elevate their style.

Drive away other doms because what's yours is yours alone. Buy this collar now!

Color White, Blue, Pink, Yellow
Material PU Leather
Dimension Length: 12.60-17.32inches (32-44 cm)
Width/Diameter: NA

Iridescent Slave Day Collar

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