Jewel Encrusted Queen Collars
Jewel Encrusted Queen Collars
Jewel Encrusted Queen Collars

Dominants rarely wear a collar. But there’s no hard rule prohibiting them from wearing one. So if you are a domme, don’t hesitate to put an accessory around your neck to make it look more graceful. When getting one, have something that befits your status.

The Jewel Encrusted Queen Collar will make you look regal. With its majestic stone-encrusted charms, this neckpiece will bring your slave to his knees to adore you. These five metal charms are shaped into bold, all-caps letters, QUEEN. These letters are studded with rhinestones, which simulate the glimmer and shine of diamonds.

It is a choker as its strap is less than 14 inches. It comes with a five-inch extension chain to accommodate some adjustments just in case.

The strap is crafted from durable synthetic leather velvet, which is soft and smooth on the skin. The lavish feel of its texture is a reminder of what a queen deserves. The material is also hypoallergenic, so wear it all day or all through the night.

Despite the bold letter charms, the choker can be worn in a world where you mingle with vanilla peeps. For what this accessory stands, they won't have any clue at all.

The strap is available in three colors: black, brown, gray. They are neutral colors and will mix and match well with whatever shades of clothing you wish to wear. To make the piece stand out, wear it with strapless, scoop-neck, V-neck, or boat neck tops or dresses. You can also layer it with other necklaces to look more trendy and glamorous.

Finding the perfect piece for a domme may not be easy. Fortunately, this queenly collar is here to serve as your crown. Look majestic without even trying with the Jewel Encrusted Queen Collar. Add this lovely piece to your cart now!

Color/Type Straps: Black, Brown, Gray
Charms: Silver
Material Rhinestone, Metal, Synthetic Velvet
Dimension Length: 13.39 + 5.51 inches (34 + 14 cm)
Width/Diameter: 0.39 inch (1 cm)

Jewel Encrusted Queen Collars

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