Jewel Encrusted Submissive Collar

Not everyone gets good sex. Not everyone has had an orgasm their whole life. Not everyone enjoys the sweetness of surrender. Not everyone finds pleasure in pain. Not everyone finds themselves entangled in a wild BDSM relationship. In short, bondage isn’t for everyone. And you are fortunate you are your Dom’s slut.

You go all out when you’re in bed, trying your best to please your Master and show him how much you value your kinky union. But it’s a different thing when you’re outside the bedroom, and you’re out in the prying eyes of the public. You want to tell the world that somebody owns you—body and soul—without drawing attention. How do you do it? Easy. Wear the Jewel Encrusted collar and let it speak for itself.

This PU leather BDSM day collar looks sleek in black and is guaranteed to be a statement piece without exerting any effort. The choker is made of synthetic leather, but it does not mean that it isn’t as nice as the genuine one. PU leather is widely used in different industries globally because it is more affordable and because it can be stitched seamlessly.

The strap is thick, but given that the material is soft and breathable, it is suitable for long hours of wearing. You can adjust the collar to deliver a snug fit against your neck by moving the prong of the buckle through the holes in the strap. But perhaps the most notable part of this accessory is the silver-colored embellishments at its center. Written in capital letters and studded with tiny acrylic jewels is the word “submissive,” which perfectly describes your role in your bondage relationship. To complete the fun, a metal ring dangles underneath your tag. Your Master can hook a leash to this ring and walk you around like a good puppy during your pet play.

Wear your kink. Buy the Jewel Encrusted collar today!

Color Black
Material PU Leather
Dimension Length: Adjustable
Width/Diameter: N/A

Jewel Encrusted Submissive Collar

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