Jeweled Black Lace Collar
Jeweled Black Lace Collar
Jeweled Black Lace Collar
Jeweled Black Lace Collar

Your man's love and obsession with you make you feel like a true queen of the world. You want to go to the mountain tops and brag about how he is so possessive of you. But that is so time-consuming, and frankly, impractical. So, you want something to wear that will always remind you of his love instead. Something noticeable and symbolic.

If it's a flaunting piece that's all you need, then the Jeweled Black Lace Collar has got you! It surely will make heads turn for its splendid stones!

Designed with lustrous diamond-like acrylic jewels, this collar will snatch the eyes of its audience. Its sparkling black gems create a regal effect on the collar, making it look posh and expensive. The large black jewel rests on a rustic cameo frame, lying at the center of the lace. There are dangling ones, too, that hook to the lace's threads and the drooping chains across the strap. At the two ends of this black thong are metal plates that hold a G-clip and a chain. These deets make a secure lock that adjusts according to the wearer's neck circumference.

If you have an average-lengthed neck, variant A suits you so well. It measures 13 inches long and 1.57 inches thick. But if you have a one like a model's—long and slender, then variant B should look so sultry to you. It has the same length as A but is much thicker, 3.35 inches.

Pair it with your plunging neckline dresses, or match it with a turtleneck. Plain shirts will look fabulous with it, too. As long as you are confident prancing like a queen, you will look stunning with this beautiful piece.

Collars are symbols of being owned by someone. By wearing the Jeweled Black Lace Collar, it's a pact to your man that you will no longer look for another man. Wear it proud and loud! Get this iconic accessory now!

Color Black with Copper
Material Lace + Metal + Acrylic
Dimension Length: 13 inches (33 cm)
A: 1.57 inches (4 cm)
B: 3.35 inches (8.5 cm)

Jeweled Black Lace Collar

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