Jeweled Collar Wife Neckband

Your slave is drifting away. It's as if she's protesting. And you can feel it as she doesn't listen to your orders anymore. Maybe she's lacking rewards, that's why? Well, who wouldn't lose appetite when all of her hardships and sacrifices have no return, right?

Convince her otherwise into submitting to you, but not to the point that you will plead to her. Instead, give her just what she wants, a token for all her obedience. The Jeweled Collar Wife Neckband is one great gift that she will love. Get her this, and in just a snap, you will gain back her loyalty and faithfulness to you!

Aside from being a fancy accessory, this choker is a statement piece, too. It is a PU leather-made strap that has seven pendants that spell S-E-X-W-I-F-E. Everyone should know she's under your control and that she is, indeed, a sex wife to some master. It measures 12.60 inches but can extend up to almost two more inches. As it uses premium leather material, you can trust it doesn't tear easily. Plus, its strength and cling to your woman's neck are secure. Thanks to the lock at the strap's ends—a chain and a G-clip, fastening the collar is made easy!

Aside from the pendant's statement, it is an attention-catcher with its luminosity. The letters, measuring 0.43 by 0.28 inches each, are studded with sparkling, crystal-like acrylic gems, carved to perfection to give it a radiant look. Everyone will take a second glance as they outstand against its black strap, complementing well with your girl's complexion.

Give it as a present to your slave for her hard work, meeting your expectations. Your dominance isn't judged in rewarding your submissive lover. It proves just how good of a master you are. So get this Jeweled Collar Wife Neckband now by adding this to your cart!

Color Black
Material PU Leather
Copper Alloy with Acrylic Crystals
Dimension Length:
Collar: 12.60 + 1.97 inches (32 + 5 cm)
Pendant: 0.43 inch (1.1 cm)
Collar: 0.31 inch (0.8 cm)
Pendant: 0.28 inch (0.7 cm)

Jeweled Collar Wife Neckband

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