Jeweled Daytime Collar
Jeweled Daytime Collar
Jeweled Daytime Collar
Jeweled Daytime Collar
Jeweled Daytime Collar

There they go again. These men won't stop chasing after your woman. What's wrong with them? Don't they know she belongs to you? Or perhaps, what's wrong with your girl? Is she flirting with all these guys?

Stop the paranoia. To secure your beloved rose against these roaming wasps, label her with this Jeweled Daytime Collar. And like a charm, men won't bother to go near your woman!

Guard her effortlessly using this sophisticated choker. It's symbolic, hence the power to repel men. Those involved in BDSM know what collar means when someone wears it. It's a sign of submission to her partner and of being owned by a master.

It is a neckpiece that boasts a 10-inch PU leather strap. This material possesses high tensile strength, making it slightly stretchy. It does not also break easily, given its elasticity. Plus, its cling to your woman's neck is stable—thanks to the gold-plated brass fold-over clasps that act as its fastening mechanism at its back. But nothing beats a sight to see at the collar's facade. It features a gold heart-shaped pendant studded with sparkling diamond-like cubic zirconia. Its brilliance stands out against the black leather strap where it lies.

This accessory is relatively thin compared to other chokers out there. The reason for this is to highlight its scintillating pendant and to emphasize more of your woman's skin. That is why it matches well with simple shirts and blouses. With light-colored tops, this piece will truly shine. She can use it on any occasion she wants to go—casual, formal events, BDSM parades, everyday attire, name it!

With the Jeweled Daytime Collar on, your sweetheart will look stunning yet untouchable. Give this to her as a gift! There's no other way to get this but to click the "Add to Cart" button. So hit it now!

Color Black + Gold
Material PU Leather + Cubic Zirconia + Brass
Dimension Length: 10.04 inches (25.5 cm)
Width/Diameter: N/A

Jeweled Daytime Collar

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