Jeweled Owned Collar

Something’s telling you that your slave needs to be marked. Although you’ve had your collaring ceremony, and she knows who she is to you, you have to take it up a notch to make it clear to the whole world that she belongs to you.

Is there any collar that will make it look more conspicuous than the Jeweled Owned Collar? It is a stylish accessory worn on the neck that screams she is not available for any master to take.

The collar is black PU leather. It is flexible and comfortable for prolonged use. However, this simple choker comes with five charms. All in capital letters, they spell the word OWNED. Each letter glitters because it is encrusted with rhinestones. These charms are threaded through the collar; hence, they will never slip off no matter what.

The charms are made of zinc alloy, also known as Tibetan silver. The metal rarely causes an allergy. Hence, it’s one of the most preferred jewel materials. It doesn’t cost as much as gold, titanium, or silver, either.

Wrap the choker around your slave’s neck and ensure it stays in place by securing the closure. The lobster claw clasp is sturdy and reliable, but do not pull the collar with force. Just remember that the collar is not made for pulling or tugging. As you can see, it does not have any attachment points.

Treat your slave who fetishizes being humiliated by giving them this extraordinary piece. It will look perfect with any punk outfit, and it will turn heads. This trendy and intriguing piece will draw admiration while it effectively sends a message to those who plan to approach your most priced possession.

While it is true there is a sea of options, you can't find anything as straightforward as this jeweled collar. So buy now!

Color Black and Silver
Material Zinc Alloy
Synthetic Leather
Dimension Length: 12.60+1.97 inches (32+5 cm)
Width/Diameter: NA

Jeweled Owned Collar

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