Kitty Fantasy Latex Fetish Hood
Kitty Fantasy Latex Fetish Hood
Kitty Fantasy Latex Fetish Hood
Kitty Fantasy Latex Fetish Hood
Kitty Fantasy Latex Fetish Hood

You have the biggest crush on your long-time friend, and it's time to own him. You know he likes you too, but he's shy, just the way you like it.

Play cute yet sultry with the Kitty Fantasy Latex Fetish Hood. This stunning piece is a perfect combination of looking like a feral animal and being playful. Perfect for the tease, you will capture your man in one pounce!

This versatile piece is made of latex and plastic, two reliable materials that are comfortable to wear. Both are preferred materials for kinky masks because of their characteristics. The smooth surface of this item is also an attractive feature, especially for hardcore BDSM players.

Make your seductive entrance to a play party with this on. The cat-like markers include a prominent cat ear sitting attentively on the head. Then, the holes that expose the eyes give you enough view of your lover as you explore his body all through the night. The lips are well exposed. You can have a little teasing conversation before taking things to the next level.

Another notable feature is the ridges on each side of this hood that make it look like an actual kitty.

Perfect for a BDSM party or in the bedroom pleasure trip, you always have something up your sleeve with this kinky face cover. Prepare your kitty costume with your high-cut boots. Grab his attention, then make your move. It's now or never!

After use, show some love by washing it with mild soap. Make sure to include the inner linings of the mask. This area is where bacteria usually lodges. Rinse and dry, then put it in a lint-free pouch ready for consequent use.

All you need is a little courage and this unique-looking mask, and you are sure to get your dream guy! Add this to your purchase today!

Color/Type Black
Material Latex
Dimension Length: Free Size
Width/Diameter: N/A

Kitty Fantasy Latex Fetish Hood

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