Work It Out Labia Rings
Work It Out Labia Rings
Work It Out Labia Rings
Work It Out Labia Rings

You don’t want to be holed on the vagina if it will not give you pleasure, so Christina piercing is not for you. You can’t do the glans since you have a relatively small clit. Fourchette is another thing you can’t try because you don’t have the right amount of excess skin to hold the jewelry in place. So what type of vaginal piercing is compatible with you? Well, you haven’t mentioned the labia piercing.

This type of piercing is suitable for women with long inner lips down there. It is an essential factor to consider as it is the part that will hold the circular barbell in place. Some adventurous ladies even add weights to their jewelry pieces for a more challenging stint. And if you can relate to them, then the Work It Out Labia Ring might be the perfect item you are looking for.

The only jewelry piece designed for the labia is the circular barbell. Since it is hanging on the vulva tissue, the item must be fastened to avoid falling off easily. It also has the perfect structure that can hold weights compared with curved and straight barbells.

Since this is a stainless steel product, you can rest assured to be getting a biocompatible piece. It is a material known for its overall safety in jewelry crafting, adding to its corrosion-resistant feature.

What awaits you with this labia ring is so much more than you can imagine. When it is placed beside the clit, you can feel it rubbing against it during penetrative sex or masturbation. You can also put it near the vaginal hole for additional stimulation on your partner’s penis.

It would be best to wash the item with warm water and mild soap for proper maintenance. Try not to overuse it as it may not withstand the 24/7 moisture of the vagina. You can also put it to boil for 5 to 10 minutes for sterilization.

Get ready to have your labia pierced! Add this ring to your cart today!

Color Silver
Material Stainless Steel
Dimension Length: N/A
Bar: 0.062 inch, 0.047 inch (1.6mm, 1.2mm)
Ring:0.31 inch,0.39 inch,0.47 inch (8mm,10mm,12mm)
Ball:0.24 inch, 0.31 inch (6mm, 8mm)
Package Inclusion 1 Piece Ring

Work It Out Labia Rings

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