Lacy Kitty Collar for Humans
Lacy Kitty Collar for Humans
Lacy Kitty Collar for Humans
Lacy Kitty Collar for Humans

You are a showgirl at heart, and you always want to treat your Master. Entertaining him with a steamy dance show during your kinky sessions does not only excite you; it fulfills you too! And this petty performance in bed is just some of your tricks to keep the fire burning.

As such, you like to upgrade your outfits as your Master is a bit of a visual whore and he appreciates seeing details on your get-ups. Good thing the Lacy Kitty Collar for Humans is here for you!

Sexy is back with this lacey neckpiece. With just one look at you, you are in for a hot night of spanking! It uses quality lace and nylon. These two materials are light and easy to wear but are durable for long-term use. Nothing will stop you from all the grinding you will be doing because this will feel like you are wearing nothing. The ruffled design of the strap gives it an elegant vibe, just like Victorian jewelry. It has straps that extend to a nylon string that secures it in place. Bind it properly to make sure it won't untangle or break.

Make no mistake! Your Master will see you and hear you even when you are far away. It features a tiny bell placed at the center of the collar, which will signal your partner that your private show is starting.

This item comes in two colors, a subtle white and an elegant black. You can easily mix and match this to any of your outfits as these colors are the classics!

If you want this lace choker to last, better give it some love. Clean it by hand washing it softly in warm water. After that, air dry this on a shaded area before packing it in a separate box.

Keep the fire burning! Add this sultry jewelry to your collection now!

Color Black, White
Material Lace
Dimension Length: N/A
Width/Diameter: N/A

Lacy Kitty Collar for Humans

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