Leather Masquerade Blindfold Mask
Leather Masquerade Blindfold Mask
Leather Masquerade Blindfold Mask
Leather Masquerade Blindfold Mask

What you like the most about your man is his skill to appreciate petty things. He always gets surprised by the little things you give him. Even in sex, he's very appreciative of your sensual touches, licks to his neck, and surprise BJs.

When you thought he couldn't be any more thrilled with what you could offer, you are wrong. Get the Leather Masquerade Blindfold Mask. Incorporate this accessory into your sex, and watch his knees get weak and feel his heart rush from the excitement of what to come to him!

This blindfold/mask will deprive him of his sense of sight and limit his vision so he would not see your every action during the play. He only needs to rely on what he hears, smells, and feels to experience your every sensual act to him.

This inverted triangular piece will entirely cover your lover's eyes, including half of the cheeks, leaving the nose open for him to properly breathe. It is made of premium PU leather, so trust that it's comfortable to use and wear. It is lightweight and designed for prolonged use. It is even adjustable to ensure it conforms to any head size. Thanks to the belt-and-buckle system at its back, you can tailor-fit it to your woman such that it won't be too tight that it will leave marks after each use.

This accessory alone works well during bondage play but is even better when paired with mouth gags and cuffs. Just make sure to talk about the limits of the naughty adventure, as your partner cannot see nor speak at all.

The more he can't see, the more he'll be surprised by your tickles and caresses. So, get the Leather Masquerade Blindfold Mask now, and elevate your conventional sex into mind-blowing, suspenseful ones!

Color/Type Black
Material PU Leather
Dimension Length: 9.45 inches (24 cm)
Width/Diameter: N/A

Leather Masquerade Blindfold Mask

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