Hardcore Hammock Leather Sex Swing

You’re putting up a sex dungeon in your house’s spare room, so you’re collecting all kinds of sex toys you can think of. You also bought a BDSM kit, complete with floggers, cuffs, collar, and a leash. You thought you had it all, but something still seemed to be missing when you arranged the room. You looked at the ceiling and realized what was lacking.

What’s a BDSM lair without a swing? Well, don’t go around looking for one because the perfect love sling is here: the Hardcore Hammock Leather swing.

This sex device is made of high-quality PU leather, a synthetic material but a more economical alternative for genuine leather. In fact, it is now being widely used by more and more manufacturers because this material is versatile and can be stitched seamlessly. It also looks almost the same as real ones, sometimes even shinier.

The design of your future favorite sex spot is straightforward. The hammock is a thick, rectangular-shaped sheet of synthetic leather with attachment straps on each corner for added reinforcement. These straps will also make you or your partner sway while lying on the swing. As a bonus, this set comes with a black pillow so you can rest your head comfortably during your sessions. A pair of leg cuffs are located at the bottom of the hammock, so whoever is riding the swing can spread their legs wide open to receive maximum pleasure.

Silver metal studs fasten all the pieces together, adding a punky appeal to this sex device. You can connect the D-rings at the end of each strap using sturdy carabines. Then, install them to a metal frame or onto ceiling-mounted hooks.

Complete your bondage gears so you’ll have plenty of options to ravage your Sub. Add the Hardcore Hammock Leather swing to your purchase today!

Color Black
Material PU Leather
Dimension Length:
Hammock: 37.52 inches (95.3 cm)
Hammock Top Width: 22.99 inches (58.4 cm)
Bottom Width: 15 inches (38.1 cm)
Maximum load bearing capacity: N/A

Hardcore Hammock Leather Sex Swing

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