Legs Wide Open Ankle Spreader Bar
Legs Wide Open Ankle Spreader Bar
Legs Wide Open Ankle Spreader Bar
Legs Wide Open Ankle Spreader Bar
Legs Wide Open Ankle Spreader Bar
Legs Wide Open Ankle Spreader Bar
Legs Wide Open Ankle Spreader Bar

Have you ever been denied entry? It sucks. For someone who wants unlimited access to boundless fun, you can use the Legs Wide Open Ankle bar! Hard. Rigid. Uncompromising. It's exactly what you have in mind!

You can't go wrong with this ankle spreader as it's made of high-quality stainless steel. Although it's hard and unyielding, it's remarkably smooth and polished. Without any rough surfaces or sharp edges, this leg spreader won't scratch or cut the skin.

The bar is 16 inches long to provide you with access to her pleasure holes. Once the shackles are locked around her ankle, she's wide open for erotic torture. This part is the best time to take out the butt plug and vibrators from the drawer and use them to tease her until she begs you to get inside her.

She'll find it impossible to run or even walk away from you when her feet are shackled on a long metal bar between her ankles. There are many possible positions to explore. You can have her legs spread while she's is in bed or when she stands against a post or a wall. She can also bend over a bar stool, offering her butt cheeks for spanking and her ass for plugging. Imagine the many possibilities you can enjoy!

With its simple design, it's so easy to use. Instead of padlocks, the cuffs come with cylinder locks, making the shackles look minimal and seamless. The spreader also requires minimal cleaning and maintenance. All it needs is a lint-free cloth to wipe off dirt, dust, or moisture. Regularly apply oil to the hinges to prevent them from squeaking or having rust formation.

When subjecting your partner to bondage, make sure she has her consent; otherwise, you're just a barbaric dominant. It has to be safe, so set some ground rules and agree on a safe word. Always keep the keys within reach to release her immediately for emergency reasons. One last reminder, enjoy!

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Color Silver
Material Stainless Steel
Dimension Length:
Bar Length: 16.14 inches (41 cm)
Thickness: 0.24 inch (0.6 cm)
Height: 0.87 inches (2.2 cm)
Small Cuff Inner Diameter: 3.03 inches * 2.56 inches (7.7 cm * 6.5 cm)
Large Cuff Inner Diameter: 3.43 inches * 2.83 inches (8.7 cm * 7.2 cm)

Legs Wide Open Ankle Spreader Bar

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