Lights Out Erotic Blindfold
Lights Out Erotic Blindfold
Lights Out Erotic Blindfold
Lights Out Erotic Blindfold

Some people are afraid of the dark, while some sleep in dim surroundings to keep themselves calm at night. Meanwhile, some love the darkness because it excites them that they can't see their surroundings. It turns them on knowing that they have no clue what's about to touch or hit their bodies.

If that's your partner's fetish, give him a gift that will shut his eyes and block the light completely. And while you're looking for it, consider getting this Lights Out Erotic Blindfold. Shaped to conform around the nose and cover the eyes, it will keep the light out completely! And with the elastic head strap, it will fit heads of all sizes. Rest assured that he won't see a thing once it's on his head.

The eye mask is leather-made; hence, it's smooth to the touch and feels great on the skin. It's also opaque, which means no light will go through its surface, keeping the wearer clueless of what's happening around him. And when he can't see his surroundings, his other senses are heightened, making him feel everything that touches his sensitive body. You also have the freedom to do whatever you desire, and he has no choice but to accept all the pleasures, the teases, and the punishments he'll get.

When you're in the middle of the action, watch out for body signals. Your man may tell you that he can take the pain, but his body will show otherwise. So be attentive and look for body reactions. If something's off, immediately stop the act.

As mentioned earlier, this mask is made of leather; hence, it's easy to clean. Wiping it with a wet cloth is enough to get rid of all accumulated dirt and sweat. Just don't forget to wipe its surface again with a dry fabric to absorb excess moisture.

Give what your partner wants and submerge him into the darkness. Grab this Lights Out Erotic Blindfold now!

Color/Type Black
Material Faux Leather
Dimension Length: 8.07 inches
Width/Diameter: 2.56 inches

Lights Out Erotic Blindfold

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