Low-Profile Public Collar
Low-Profile Public Collar
Low-Profile Public Collar
Low-Profile Public Collar

Who says those who are in a kinky relationship are the ones that can only be collared? Even singles can wear collars, too! And if you're looking for a discreet choker that you can wear in public places and kinky events, look no further than this Low-Profile Public Collar! Its simple design won't make anyone think you're wearing an accessory with a different meaning. Meanwhile, kinksters will know what the collar means.

The design of this bondage neckpiece is pretty straightforward. It doesn't have spikes nor a metallic ring—not even a pendant. It only has a leather strap wrapped around the wearer's neck, accessorized with a lobster clasp and a metal curb chain on each end. This clasp ensures that the collar doesn't fall off your neck, regardless of what you're doing. In addition, it lets you adjust its fit. Just connect the clasp to one of the oval links to secure it around your neck.

This collar only comes in black, but don't worry. This color is universal in that it complements any hue and style. Whether you want to pull off a laidback look while strolling in the park, or you're aiming for a sexy gothic style to catch a potential dom's attention at a collar party, this choker will amp up your look.

As mentioned earlier, this choker is made of leather, but not the genuine one. It uses the synthetic type, so rest assured that no animal was killed nor harmed in designing this accessory. It's also tough as it doesn't tear apart easily, even if it gets tugged hard. Nonetheless, it's still gentle. It won't cause rashes around the neck, making it a perfect choice for those with sensitive skin.

So why look for a discreet yet luxurious collar when you can get a simple yet cool choker like this Low-Profile Public Collar? Get this jewelry and flaunt your lifestyle and relationship status in style! Hurry because stocks are running out fast.

Color Collar: Black
Clasp & Chain: Silver
Material Collar: Synthetic Leather
Clasp & Chain: Zinc
Dimension Length: 12.99 + 1.97 inches (33 + 5 cm)
Width/Diameter: 0.2 inch (0.5 cm)

Low-Profile Public Collar

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