Low Temp Candle Wax Sex Toys
Low Temp Candle Wax Sex Toys
Low Temp Candle Wax Sex Toys
Low Temp Candle Wax Sex Toys
Low Temp Candle Wax Sex Toys

Out of fun, you always flick your woman unconsciously, especially when you are horseplaying. Sometimes, you know it hurts, but your girl seems to like it for some weird reason. She even demands that you do that on purpose until her skin turns red from your every beat. She likes getting hurt, and she takes it sexually arousing.

She loves pain, and you like inflicting pain. What else could be perfect for you, a lovely couple, but the Low Temp Candle Wax Sex Toys? Drip it all over her body, and watch her scream from so much pleasure and agony!

Deviate from your typical flicking session and elevate it to libido-raising candle plays instead. If you are beginners to this naughty and kinky adventure, fret not, as these candles are safe to use. Their melting point runs at 52 degrees Celsius—that's even cooler than your coffee in the morning! They are made of beauty wax, so you can sit on your ass and relax as your skin is protected from harmful chemicals.

Available in five color variants, each has its own fragrance. There are floral, fruity, and citrus aromas from the yellow, pink, green, rose red, and red choices. Each candle measures seven inches long and more than half an inch wide. You can use them for hours, especially if you cut off the wicks for a shorter flame.

As newbies, know that each drop of melted candle stings. But there are ways to adjust its temperature before it hits the skin. Should you require hotter wax, try dripping it near. Otherwise, make a distance for the droplets to decrease their heat. Water-based lube also reduces the wax's temperature as it creates a protective layer on the skin. Essential oils applied to the body, on the other hand, might raise the hotness as they have relatively a lower boiling point. So, choose your poison wisely!

Fire up the nights and make them steamier using the Low Temp Candle Wax Sex Toys. Get them now!

Color/Type Yellow, Pink, Green, Rose Red, Red
Material Beauty Wax
Dimension Length: 7.09 inches (180 mm)
Width/Diameter: 0.67 inch (17 mm)

Low Temp Candle Wax Sex Toys

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