Lust of Steel Open Mouth Ring Gag
Lust of Steel Open Mouth Ring Gag
Lust of Steel Open Mouth Ring Gag

When it comes to safety and versatility, ring gags are considered the cream of the crop among the wide range of gag types. While it serves its purpose of suppressing a submissive’s ability to speak, it doesn’t pose risks of asphyxia common to other solid oral tormenting tools. It means the wearer still has access to an air source. As for versatility, ring gags help dominants experience the best blowjob ever. They can keep the submissive’s mouth wide open and their teeth as if non-existent.

And if you are looking for the right gag to give your silent play a go, why not have this Lust of Steel Open Mouth Ring Gag, as seen in this popular porn video, and it to your next BDSM activity?

Who wouldn’t find the combination of stainless steel and synthetic leather arousing? To prove the claim is this thrilling item. Indeed, it will be your favorite tool in creating a perfect BDSM scene. You will find the ring gag fixed at the center of the piece and connected to an adjustable strap. There are duo studs on each side of the ring, holding them properly in place. The strap is made adjustable with a belt-like buckle and many holes to fasten the whole ensemble at the backside of the wearer’s head. Both materials are known to be safe for the skin as they are hypoallergenic and phthalates-free. More so, the ring component is deemed safe to be put on the mouth as it is food-grade stainless steel. So even if it is worn for a long time, there’s nothing to worry about.

Keep this piece clean all the time. Wash the ring before and after use with warm water and mild soap and keep it dry all the time, especially when not in use. Store it at room temperature to maintain its quality.

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Color Strap- Black
Gag- Silver
Material Strap- Synthetic Leather
Gag- Stainless Steel
Dimension Length: 22.83 inches
Width/Diameter: 1.57 inches



Lust of Steel Open Mouth Ring Gag

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