Luxurious Padded Collar and Cuff Set
Luxurious Padded Collar and Cuff Set
Luxurious Padded Collar and Cuff Set

Let's talk about the good things in life. The warm bath you take after a hard day at work or maybe enjoying a good book when you're having a break from all the stress. As for sexual adventurers, finding the perfect equipment that enhances the experience is golden. It's not every day that you can match your libido with a sex toy that is both comfortable and durable.

They say comfort is expensive, but when you have Luxurious Padded Collar and Cuff Set, you will discover that convenience does not always mean costly. You will be receiving a set of four helpful tools when you order this item. This selection includes a very handsome collar that boasts a pristine white color. Unlike its dark counterparts, this neckpiece is not afraid to be different. This is made of PU leather, a smooth and reliable medium made for extended wear. Also, the adjustable option lets the wearer decide how tight they want this on their necks.

Consequently, you will have stunning handcuffs and ankle cuffs also in white. The detachable hooks allow for experimentation on how you want to use this set. You can attach other sex paraphernalia if that is your vibe. And lastly, you will get a 30.71-inch leash! Whatever you have in mind, this kit is all you need.

That's not even the best part! All these pieces are lined with lush pads. This feature will ease the pressure on the skin as the items are worn. So, if you are all about rough riding and kinky positions, this set is for you.

Never underestimate the importance of cleaning these items after using them. You can do this by softly brushing the surface with a damp cloth. After that, you then wipe them dry before storing the cuffs in a separate container.

It's time to ease yourself into making your erotic fantasies come to life. Grab this set today!

Color White
Material PU leather
Dimension Length:
Collar: 22.44 inches
Handcuffs: 12.20 inches
Ankle Cuffs: 13.78 inches
Leash: 30.71 inches
Width: Collar, Handcuffs, Ankle Cuffs: 2.36 inches

Luxurious Padded Collar and Cuff Set

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