Make No Mistake Rubber Whip
Make No Mistake Rubber Whip
Make No Mistake Rubber Whip
Make No Mistake Rubber Whip

Want to make your boy toy wet his pants upon seeing what's in your hand? Sometimes, you don't need to scold or humiliate him to make him drip in wet. You only need to wear a racy catsuit and hold this Make No Mistake Rubber Whip in your hand to make him behave. And with just a whip, he'll immediately say sorry for all the wrongdoings he made.

This vicious tool features an easy-grip handle with a tassel at the bottom and a long cord made of rubber. This string of pain and pleasure comes in two colors: one is pure black, while the other has red stripes all over it. But regardless of your choice, it will make him beg for your mercy upon seeing what you're holding. What more if you hit his body with this whip?

But before whooping his body with this wild and wicked toy, make sure you plan a scene with your partner. Furthermore, establish a safeword that he'll utter while the play is still happening. Doing all these things will keep the game under control, and you won't endanger your partner's welfare.

When you've sorted everything out, it's time to give your man slave the punishment he deserves. So go ahead, strip his clothes off and lock him in the dungeon. You can tie him to the bed or the door or cuff his legs and arms, so he won't be able to escape. To level things up, put a blindfold around his head to heighten his senses and prevent him from seeing where you'll hit him. Then go ahead and slam his body with this whip! Hit his toned abs, his inner thighs, and his knees until he can't take it anymore. Just don't forget to give your sub—and this whip—aftercare when the session is over.

Make your man leak in fear and pleasure with this Make No Mistake Rubber Whip. Buy now before stocks run out!

Color/Type Black, Black with Red Stripes
Material Rubber
Dimension Length:
Handle - 5.12 inches
Whip - 89.37 inches
Tassel - 19.69 – 23.62 inches
Width/Diameter: N/A

Make No Mistake Rubber Whip

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