Cock-Crushing Male Orgasm Machine
Cock-Crushing Male Orgasm Machine
Cock-Crushing Male Orgasm Machine
Cock-Crushing Male Orgasm Machine
Cock-Crushing Male Orgasm Machine
Cock-Crushing Male Orgasm Machine

Women are bitches even in bed. They are fastidious to the point of telling you how to turn them on and stimulate them right. Although you enjoy moving your hard peen in and out of their tunnel, you're anxious about making them satisfied. You feel like you always set aside your need for your partner's sake, and that sucks.

Spend some time to make love with yourself and take all the delicious goodness of an explosive ending. Without a partner to mind, you'll be able to focus on pleasuring and stimulating yourself. All you need is a porn movie and, of course, the Cock-Crushing Male Orgasm Machine. It's a powerful cup masturbator designed to provide you with unparalleled stimulation.

Replete with great features, it is truly a cock-crushing machine that will make you weak in the knees! It integrates state-of-the-art sex technology to intensify male orgasms and reinvent the boring and usual handjob. Equipped with a double flywheel piston, it's fast and furious! You will love its powerful sucking, squeezing, and clamping! Your manhood will surely go harder than usual, and your ejaculation will be torrential!

But unlike a human partner, this machine submits to your command. There are buttons on the cup, so feel free to take control. Do you want a passive and submissive cunt so you can put your rod in and out as you please? Or would you like the machine to simulate a whore who can give you the tightest clamping and grinding? Your wish is this masturbator's command! But wait, there's more! This pleasure device will heat up to provide you with a more realistic experience, simulating the warmth of a woman's sweet cunt. You can also activate the voice feature to pleasure your ears and boost your arousal.

Of course, you want the pussy clean and fresh-smelling all the time, and fortunately, the pocket pussy can be removed from the cup with so much ease. Wash it in warm water with mild soap, rinse, then dab it with a clean towel. Put it back into the cup, and activate the built-in warmer to dry it thoroughly.

Prioritize and indulge yourself soon because your happiness matters. Buy now!

Color Red, Yellow, Blue, White Ordinary, White Pro
Material ABS
Dimension Length: 4.96 inches (126 mm)
Height: 10.69 inches (271.5 mm)
Width/Diameter: 3.94 inches (100 mm)

Cock-Crushing Male Orgasm Machine

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