Feel the Thrill Mechanical Sex Machine
Feel the Thrill Mechanical Sex Machine

Alone times are an excellent opportunity for self-indulgence, but it gets dull when you lack the appropriate tools of the trade. If you’re ready to try something new, here’s a toy that will put all your vibrators to shame: the Feel the Thrill Mechanical Sex Machine!

This sex rifle is made of premium ABS plastic, a sturdy material that can withstand rough humping if you’re concerned about its durability. The design of the machine is foolproof, with a wide rectangular base for maximum support. This device is equipped with a potent motor to rock your world. It’s not only capable of sending solid vibrations to tease your pussy; it can also render you delirious with orgasmic relief.

It is an automatic and fully telescopic sex machine capable of making 90-200 beats per minute. This fuck toy can thrust up to 5 cm or 1.97 inches, so it’s safe to say that your G-Spot will be happy to meet this. It’s very easy to use and does not have fussy wires. Instead, it packs a rechargeable 1500 mAh battery which can last for 60 to 90 minutes. It comes with a USB cable which you can easily connect to your laptop or your wall charger. Due to its big motor, the general charging time takes about 4.5 hours, so don’t forget to plug it ahead if you’re planning a naughty session for later.

Most sex machines come with a dildo, and you’re lucky that this one has one of the best. Its flesh-colored dildo has a veiny shaft and a skin-like feel for a more realistic experience. But wait, there’s more! This silicone dildo also has a heating feature and can reach up to 42 degrees. You can aim this cock at your pussy in any position, as you can adjust the angle of the machine to suit your preference.

When the session is through, and you’ve finished cleaning up, you can detach the dildo and fold this collapsible machine into a stylish handbag. It even comes with a dangling lock with a code for your privacy.

The next time you find yourself alone, it will not be boring. Purchase the Feel the Thrill Mechanical Sex Machine today!

Color Machine: Black and White with Purple
Dildo: Flesh
Remote Control: Purple
Material ABS, Silicone
Dimension Length:
Machine Base: 10.43 inches (26.5 cm)
Dildo: 5.71 inches (14.5 cm)
Machine Base: 8.90 inches (22.6 cm)
Dildo: 1.38 inches (3.5 cm)

Feel the Thrill Mechanical Sex Machine

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