Medieval Pleasure Dungeon Shackles
Medieval Pleasure Dungeon Shackles
Medieval Pleasure Dungeon Shackles

You're a big fan of movies and games that feature the middle ages. Being immersed in this kind of pop-culture makes you feel like you have lived in that era. You enjoy it better if it shows mythical characters like wizards and dragons in dungeons. While it may seem impossible to have your dragon, it's not that impossible to build your own dungeon. But unlike the dungeons from medieval times where dark magic occurs, yours is a place where orgasmic magic happens. And if you're looking for a bondage tool that will fit your medieval-themed dungeon, then you should get these Medieval Pleasure Dungeon Shackles.

With these metal dungeon shackles, you are leaving your partner with no chance to escape. These stainless steel shackles will limit your submissive partner's movements while making her look like a slave in chains. These restraints look flawless and elegant with their silver-tone finish. You can easily adjust the cuff size, and you'll also get two keys aside from the shackles. You can place one of the keys within your slave's sight to tease her. But it's better to hide the other one somewhere else for safety reasons. And because of these shackles' build and material, she won't easily break free from slavery.

With proper care, these dungeon shackles will last for a while. Stainless steel doesn't quickly corrode or rust. This metal is free from phthalates and skin-friendly too.

Before using these shackles to subdue your partner, it will be better to get her consent first. You can also discuss your expectations and the theme of your play. Discussing a safeword or a safe gesture is also necessary. These steps will take away any awkwardness that can make bondage play less exciting.

These high-quality bondage tools sell fast. So, you better hurry and hit that "Add to cart" button now!

Color Silver
Material Stainless Steel
Dimension Length:
Total Length: 10.59 inches (269 mm)
Cuff's Height: 2.64 inches (67 mm)
Chain Link: 3.35 inches (85 mm)
Key: 1.85 inches (47 mm)
Cuff's Outer Diameter: 3.66 inches (93 mm)
Cuff's Inner Diameter: 1.85 inches (47 mm)

Medieval Pleasure Dungeon Shackles

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