Submissive Men’s Handcuff Bracelet
Submissive Men’s Handcuff Bracelet
Submissive Men’s Handcuff Bracelet
Submissive Men’s Handcuff Bracelet

As you execute your Master-Slave play with your man, he did something excellently that highly impressed you. He served you obediently and followed all your orders. His acts were truly outstanding, and the way he executed his role was superb. As the dominatrix in the relationship, you wanted to give that acting an award that he deserves.

Buy him an accessory that fits his role so well. Perhaps a piece of jewelry that subtly implies his submission to his partner? If a fashionable statement piece is what you need for him, then get this Submissive Men’s Handcuff Bracelet. Aside from you and him, only BDSM players at heart know the meaning of this jewelry.

Why, of all the things in the world, should you give your man this accessory? This bracelet symbolizes his submission to you, given its cuff design. The handcuffs that serve as its locking mechanism represent being restrained and owned by you. Also, it may seem expensive with its highly polished look. However, in reality, it's an affordable piece of jewelry. With its price, you can afford to get its three lustrous variants, silver, gold, and rose gold. And lastly, this slaves' bracelet measures almost eight inches long. Whatever your man's body structure is, its length should fit his wrists.

It is made of relatively thick, high-quality stainless steel, so rest assured that it won't unchain so easily. But also do your part in keeping it away from hooks to prevent it from getting pulled. It is safe to be soaked in water. So when it gets dirty, you can wash its dirt away using water and a soft-bristled brush.

Applause and kind regards are not enough to reward your slave. Give this symbolic Submissive Men’s Handcuff Bracelet to him so he will continue being the good slave that he is! Get this now!

Color Gold, Rose Gold, Silver
Material Zinc Alloy
Dimension Length: 7.87 inches (200 mm)
Width/Diameter: N/A

Submissive Men’s Handcuff Bracelet

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