Mermaid Fantasy Leg Restraints
Mermaid Fantasy Leg Restraints
Mermaid Fantasy Leg Restraints
Mermaid Fantasy Leg Restraints
Mermaid Fantasy Leg Restraints

What if Ariel had not wished to become human, yet the Prince still fell in love with her? How would they make love after all? How would she satisfy her needs? Just so you know, there are still ways, and they are through her mouth and titties. Become a mermaid using the Mermaid Fantasy Leg Restraints. It will teach you how to gratify your man without using your pussy and your ass!

This tail will make your sexy time oh-so-exciting. It adds spice to your play as it gives an element of deprivation. The mere feeling of getting your legs fully restrained as your man strokes his penis in your mouth and as he fucks your cleavage is just so euphoric.

This leg restraint uses high-quality PU leather. You can trust that its fragrance, durability, and design are much like the genuine ones but is more economical. It comes in one size that fits all and is available in three colors variants—rose red, black, and white.

Its facade features a corset-like opening that serves as its girth-adjustment mechanism. It has three belts on its entire body for a more sadistic look. Don't worry about getting stripped off; there is a crisscrossing pair of straps on its top, clinging on to the waist so it would not fall off easily. And if you hunger more for masochistic performances, have your man bend your knees and attach the back leash on the foot hook. It's a total restraint for a more intense BDSM play!

Your sweat will linger inside the bag, so make sure to clean it always after use. Do not use water on it. Instead, wipe its surface and insides with a cloth damped with leather-friendly cleaner. It should suffice in removing the dirt and smell on it.

No more need to imagine becoming a sea creature. You can be one with the Mermaid Fantasy Leg Restraints. Get yours now by hitting that "Add to Cart" button!

Color Rose Red, Black, White
Material PU Leather
Dimension Length: 39.34 inches
Width/Diameter: One size fits all

Mermaid Fantasy Leg Restraints

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