Metallic Blue Sexy Leash Restraint
Metallic Blue Sexy Leash Restraint

You dim the lights and choose the red glare to set the ambiance. You have dressed appropriately as the master. In your hand is a leash that will restrain your slave. You put the leash on that sexy collar; then, you start tugging and pulling to where you want to take the scene. But as your slave resists, the chain breaks, and you both lose balance and fall on the floor.

That’s one nasty, low-quality leash that should never be in any dom’s hands. If you are looking for a reliable leash as tough as you are, go for the Metallic Blue Sexy Leash Restraint just like the one used in this video

The leash comprises a metal curb chain and a PU leather handle. Each link in the chain is firmly closed to ensure nothing snaps when you want to punish. The handle will prove helpful once you execute your kinky moves.

A swivel snap hook on the other end easily connects to any attachment ring. Once connected, feel free to take the lead!

Let your imagination run wild to see other creative uses of this leash. When you need handcuffs but have none, put your slave’s hands together, then wrap the chain around her wrists. Secure by hooking the swivel snap into one of the links.

If you feel like choking your partner and wanting to inflict pain, this leash can get the job done. Ensure that it won’t hurt or injure; otherwise, it’s no longer safe. Keep in mind that BDSM sessions are always safe, sane, and consensual.

Made of premium materials, this restraint can take the beating of wear and tear. Premium metal is durable and does not rust easily, especially when properly stored. The handle is comfy on the grip, and the PU leather is soft, yet it can handle pressure. Indeed, the Metallic Blue Sexy Leash Restraint is worth your money. So hurry and buy now!


Color Metallic Blue (Loop)
Silver (Chain)
Material PU Leather
Dimension Length: Adjustable
Width/Diameter: NA

Metallic Blue Sexy Leash Restraint

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