Modish Purple Spiked Collar
Modish Purple Spiked Collar
Modish Purple Spiked Collar

Wolves have fangs so they can devour their prey. But these sharp teeth are what scare and drive hunters away. Only the ones who have tamed these fierce beasts can dare touch them.

If you want your submissive to look fierce, put the Modish Purple Spiked Collar around their neck. It's a collar that makes your partner your slave, submissive, or a pet. It's screaming your partner is owned, and any dom/domme will recognize that fact. They will keep their hands off your property.

It's deep purple because it's the color of erotic desire. Purple awakens and boosts libido, so this collar is more than an accessory and more than a mark of submission and obedience.

Smooth on the front, suede-ish on the back. This synthetic leather band is flexible for the wearer's comfort. It has a belt-type fastening mechanism for easy wearing and quick removal. Adjusting the collar for a snug fit is also possible. On the back of the collar are two D-rings as attachment points for bondage accessories such as a chain or a leash.

To delight you more, it comes in three options. Their uniqueness lies in the shape of the spikes that embellish the band. Variant A features fang-shaped metal pieces with pointed tips that are curved upwards. Variant B is composed of two bands—one wide and the other narrow. This variant features long spikes along the center and short ones on the sides. Variant C boasts triangular spikes with their tips pointed downward. All this fang-like metal hardware is attached firmly to the collar to ensure they won't come off when you two get wild and rough.

The collar is not only for BDSM play. If your partner is into steampunk fashion, this piece will make a trendy accessory. Never let anyone dare seduce your possession. Put the collar on their neck soon. Buy now!

Color Purple with silver spikes
Material Synthetic Leather
Stainless Steel
Dimension Length: 11.81-17.32 inches (30-44 cm)
Width/Diameter: NA

Modish Purple Spiked Collar

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